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  • Scott Henriksen

Lots of Crews out there.

Crew A - Work on the east side of Highway 165 is underway. The initial work area will be between 2900 South and 2600 South. Crews will begin at 2900 South and work north towards 2600 South. This work is expected to go through October.

Crew B - Crews will begin work on Monday on a northbound sewer line that runs adjacent to the irrigation canal that just to the north off of 550 North.

Crew C - Work on 100 North continues. Crews are currently between 200 East and 300 East. Crews will be placing the sewer line from this area all the way up to the cemetery. This work is expected to complete mid-August.

Crew D - Work on 100 East continues between Center Street and 100 South. Once this work is complete, crews will move to Main Street, in front of the Elementary School.

Crew E - Crews continue working on 200 West on Monday. They will be working between 100 South and 200 South.

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