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Digging at Construction Site


This is not an all-inclusive list. This is a list of contractors that Millville City has had some interaction with that believes that they will likely do a good job. There are other contractors that are qualified to do the lateral line work. Homeowners DO NOT have to select a contractor from this list.


It is wise to get multiple quotes before selecting a contractor. Remember, the work taking place on private property is between the property owner and the contractor, the city is not responsible for the cost or quality of the work that is completed.

Black Canyon Excavation

(435) 257-7333

Holms Plumbing

Kent Petersen Excavation

Thurcon Construction

Rupp’s Trucking & Excavation
(For Deep Excavations)

Murray Excavation

Craig’s Quality Plumbing

Hancey Excavation

Edge Construction
(For Deep Excavations)

Justin Facer Excavation
(For Deep Excavations)

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